10 jobs where you need Business English

10 jobs where you need Business English

Ardour Acadame is an online school designed to help you achieve your goals in today’s world of business and technology.

We offer a wide variety of courses which will be very helpful for each one of you …

Inside the school, you will be learning business knowledge and skills which will be required to survive in today’s world of business and technology.


So lets come to the first course we offer, that is basics of grammar which is a must needed course. .

Now what exactly is business english and what does it have to do with grammar?

Just like when you buy a beautiful piece of cloth and want to get it stitched to that perfect size, the same way, the grammar you use should suit the sentence or group of sentences you want to communicate. The grammar you use creates a positive or negative impression about you.

The best way to practice business english would be to practice it regularly,  so that  you get the accurate

Grammar in some time. .

Now I have a list of 10 jobs


A translator is a person who converts information from one language to another.  With the scope of globalization, translation has become a promising career in today’s times. The translator should be quickly able to convert information from one language to another.


1. A certified course from an established institute.

2. Fluency and high command over the language which can be achieved with repetitive practice.

 Types of job roles with Translators:

 Health and Medical Industries, Legal, Literary, Sign Language, Travel and Tourism sector, International Organisations, Embassies, Teaching.

 Pay scale:

1. Anywhere between Rs.100-200/hour for a beginner

2. For the advanced level, you can earn upto Rs. 3 Lac/month where business English is needed and the  salary you would make and the requirements you would need for each of them. 

So lets dive deep into each one of them and learn more in detail.


A virtual assistant  is someone who specializes in offering services to clients , mostly from a remote location like a home office. The tasks they offer might be scheduling of meetings, making travel arrangements, email  management and a wide variety of tasks.


1. Must own a laptop/computer with good internet connection.

2. Must be fluent in business english 

  Pay scale:

1. Anywhere between Rs. 300-400/hour for beginners

2. For the advanced level, you have a earning potential of upto Rs. 6,000/hour. 


A content writer is someone who prepares content on a huge variety of topics like food, lifestyle, travel, family, health, science, technology and many more.


1. Complete fluency in English.

2. A good internet connection with a laptop/computer.

3. An account listed in any or all of the popular websites like UpWork, Writer, Blogging Pro,, Flex Jobs, etc.

4. Good hands–on in  Ms Word.

  Pay scale:

1. Anywhere between 3000-10,000 INR/month for beginners.

2. For the advanced level, you have the potential to earn upto Rs.10,000 per piece of content.


A tutor is someone who specializes in teaching students, both children and adults about a particular topic or subject. It can be both online or offline.


1. A degree in english from any established institute.

2. Fluency in english.

3. A good internet connection with a computer/laptop (for online classes)

Pay scale:

1. Upto Rs. 200/hour in INR for private tuitions.

2. Upto Rs. 3,00,000/month in case of coaching institutions.


A librarian is a person who works in a library and gives information about technical , social, educational , cultural and a wide variety of topics.


1. A degree in library science from a reputed institute.

2. Fluency in English language.

3. Information about a wide range of topics on books.

4. Good organizational skills.

  Pay scale:

1.Upto Rs. 15,000-25,000/month in India for the basic level.

2. In the advanced stage, earning potential can be upto Rs. 1,50,000/month


A customer care executive is a person who is required to take incoming calls from customers for several reasons like taking an order, provide information and query about a product or service. 


1. Must have fluency in Business English.

2. Must have knowledge about the related product or

service and know how to deal with customers.

Pay scale:

1. Upto Rs. 15,000-26,000 INR/month for beginners.

2. Upto Rs. 70,000 INR/month for advanced level.


A sales co-ordinator is a person who is responsible for regulating the flow of products or services to the customer.  They manage the schedules of different members of the team, set goals and arrange schedules and targets.


1. Should have fluency in business english.

2. Should have a degree in sales from an established institute.

Pay scale:

1. The salary of a beginner is upto Rs. 30,000 INR/month.

  1. For the advanced level, it can go upto Rs. 1,50,000INR/month.


A resume specialist is a person who specializes in resume writing and thereby, helps people to get the resume in the perfect way.


1. Should know proper business english.

2. Must be able to produce error-free resumes and the ability to decide what information about a person would be most valuable on the resume.

3. Possess typing skills, proofreading skills and a basic

knowledge of computers.


1   Around 11,000 INR for a basic resume.

2. For executives, it may go upto 20,000 INR


A local tour guide is a person who helps tourists in exploring a place. They provide a complete guided tour about a place providing cultural and heritage information about a place, exploring the local food and market and many other things.


1. Have fluency in English (Since it is one of the most

spoken languages of the world)

2. Have knowledge of the culture and heritage of a place.

Payscale :

1. Between Rs. 1000-7000 for a local guided tour

2. Between Rs. 3000-9000 INR for personal tours.


A soft skills trainer is an individual who helps people who struggle with or lack interpersonal communication skills by teaching useful strategies and many activities which help people to overcome their shortcomings.


1. Must have fluency in english and very good communication skills.

2. Have the ability to breakdown a problem in simpler smaller problems and thereby creating the solution.


1. Upto Rs. 5000/session with an individual Client.

2. Upto Rs. 30,000 for a group for one session.

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