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What's Inside “Nail Your Interview Challenge”?

The Course

Live Workshop session

Exercises and Activities

Notes, Resources & Activity sheets.

Join the challenge before------and get three 1-on-1 Mock interview sessions for Free.

Nail Your Interview Challenge

Grab your dream job with an excellent performance in an interview

8 Course Modules…………………(Rs. 1999/-)
Resume Building Workshop………….(Rs. 999/-)
Interview Preparation workshop……..(Rs. 999/-)
Activities and Exercises……………….(Rs. 599/-)
Resources & Notes………………(Rs. 599/-)
3 one-on-one Mock interviews……….(Rs.2999/-)

Total value = Rs.8194/-
Now Get The Entire Nail Your Interview Challenge Only For
Rs. 999/-


The Challenge is covered over 8 Recorded course Modules, 2 live workshops, and 3 mock interview sessions.
You will be able to access all the course modules and activity sheets as soon as you join the course.
The date and time of the live workshop will be shared with you once you complete all the activities and 8 modules of the course.
You can select the day and time slot from the available options for your 3 Mock interview sessions.
You will be invited to join the WhatsApp Group and all the further details, time guidelines and support will be offered on the group.

Yes, except for the recorded modules everything else will be conducted live through platforms like

Zoom Meeting Or Google Meet.

Workshops will be conducted in a group of 10 people and Mock interviews will be conducted
individually for you.

We understand that you may have other important work on the day of a live workshop.

Hence, You will get the recording of each live session within 24 hours after the workshop is over.

You will have lifetime access to the entire nail your interview challenge content.

Yes, this Nail Your Interview Challenge is created to teach awesome Business English skills and Answering Skills for all educational and Job fields.

Apart from the recorded course modules, everything else will be customized according to your niche.

This challenge will not only help in job interviews but it’s equally helpful for other interviews like IELTS, Visa interviews, promotion interviews, etc.