Do you know 67% of Business is done in English and lack of fluency and skills in English can make you lose your next High paying Client, High paying Job in Top MNC or a degree from a top international university?

Learn “to make all the tables turn” and get what you want from everything that you present, write or narrate with Help of Highly Dominating Business English Skills.

Even if you don't have

Learn and get guidance on pursuing10 High paying” Extraordinary career

option that can be pursued just with Business English

You are the to be on this page if you can relate to any of these...

Why I Said, “you are the luckiest Person”?... Because...

Ardour Academe helps everyone who is struggling to get command of English hence lacking many noteworthy opportunities in their career; to achieve fluency and supremacy over High demand Business English skills like a pro through our One-stop Business English course specially designed to shape your ambitions.


I can totally understand that sometimes….

You get frustrated when your colleague or competitor gets the opportunity to work on that crucial dream project instead of you just because he/she is more fluent in English and have better Business English skills to crack that deal.

You squeeze your soul while working for low ticket client as a freelancer just because you are not confident enough to land a top-notch international gig as you lack crucial business English skills like high converting presentation and elevator pitch and that’s why you end up earning much lower than your competitors.

You feel depressed and get an inferiority complex while you are surrounded by your colleagues, friends or seniors who are much more fluent than you, have command over professional language and knows how to tackle any question spontaneously and that’s why they end up getting more attraction than you.

You get FOMO. After all, you think you have chosen the wrong stream of education because everyone was doing that. 

But now you won’t get that dream job, High-paying post and that luxurious life with your formal education because the market is already saturated with tons of graduates.

But How Am I able to relate to all this….?

Because ... I was right there where you guys currently are

I had just completed my Engineering and was clueless about what next…

My Story

"Engineering can bring you moons and stars in the form of settlement and high-paying dream job"

  • This was the myth I had when completed my engineering.
  • I came across a sour truth that broke all my dreams. That truth was ‘ only 7% engineers in my country are employable.
  • Later on, I realised that not only Engineering but the job market of almost every field is oversaturated and it is almost impossible to get a high paying job in any reputed Multinational Organisation if don’t have any extra valuable skills other than your degree.
  • To become one of that 7% I had to learn& master a few High demand Business English skills to secure my Job in some top MNCs of the world.
  • Just after I started exploring these skills and implementing them, I was able to crack few interviews of two TOP MNCs in the world. ( Even my Parents were surprised)
  • This is how I got my very first High- paying dream job at the age of just 21 when the rest of my competitors were literally craving for it for so long.
  • As I kept on mastering every skill like Business Presentation & vocabulary, Elevator pitch, Global Networking, Diplomatic Discussion, Negotiation; I was able to see its results in terms of New Crucial projects, salary, and much more.
  • This was the time when I started sharing my knowledge 3 Years ago.
  • I was easily making INR 50,000/- apart from my salary working as a freelance Business English coach for just 2-3 hours a day.
  • I met many national and international students, entrepreneurs, freelancers as well as teachers, through this program helped them & understood their difficulties.
  • And finally, I developed a one-stop online course On High-Paying Business English skills and career options with detailed guidance that is a perfect fit literally for everyone.
  • And now I am sharing top secrets on getting an amazing Job in a Multinational global organisation, landing high ticket clients for your business or as a freelancer, just with Business English Skills

But, Why Business English skills are so

67% of Business is done in English!

1. You are working in a responsible position in a top Multinational organisation and you are handling one of the very crucial clients, and… 

in a meeting, you pitched an amazing spontaneous presentation using the most appropriate vocabulary, solved all their doubts precisely and fluently.

Even took follow up by high converting Email, Telephonic negotiation, and finally landed that client for your company by catching them in the trap of words in a diplomatic way even though they had the cheaper option available market.

2. Instead, you being depressed and getting an inferiority complex around your competitors, colleagues and friend

What if… They come to you… for help in the preparation of meetings, writing an elevator pitch, Follow up message that converts the opportunity into a win.

Isn’t it Like a Dream come true of succeeding over competitors.

3. You are a Freelancer on an entrepreneur and you have multiple international leads of High – Ticket clients that can pay you premium charges

You cold emailed that premium client..he is impressed by that mail

You hop on a discovery call and you knew your prospect in-and-out 

 so pitched him the best offer without mumbling, you had command of each and every sentence pronounced by you

And without giving him a chance to negotiate you cracked that gig.

I bet this is what you have always dreamed of.

4. You a got High paying job in a TOP MNC and you are able to live your dreamed luxurious life as you earn thousands of dollars every month just because

You were able to crack that toughest interview without mumbling and expressing  your thoughts and answers precisely 

And because you have accomplished your higher education from top international universities.

That was possible because you scored 9 and 10 in IELTS

That’s exactly what you want, right?

That’s why


Ardour Acadame is the Proven One-Stop course that teaches you HIGH IN- DEMAND Advanced Business English Skills along with all Basic English topics

These are the skills that have helped me & several others to live our dream life and reach where I am right now.

Inside Ardour Acadame you will also get detailed guidance on pursuing “10 High paying Extraordinary career option that can be pursued just with Business English”

It is a 12 Month Course where 1 new module will be added in each month

Courses syllabus can change as per the latest demand or necessity

Basic English

If you just started learning or developing interest in English language, you first need to know some basics which will help you to improve your basic communication skills

Business English

Business English is the kind of English typically used in business world. For example: business meeting, sales presentations, negotiations, diplomatic discussions, summaries and reports

Career Paths

This section will guide you on the various career paths you can choose just with the help of Business English. For example, A content writer, virtual assistant, SMM (social media manager) and many more in detail.

  • Determiners, Conjunctions and Interjections
  • Tenses
  • Sentences and parts of a sentence
  • Active and Passive Voice
  • Subject verb agreement
  • Conditional clauses
  • Question tags and gerunds
  • Idiomatic phrases
  • Spelling and Vocabulary
  • Punctuation
  • Phonics and Pronunciation
  • Introduction to business English and its basics: Business language and etiquettes
  • Cultural differences in business (communication barriers, spoken vs written comm,
  • Defining purpose for spoken vs written communication, matching purpose, audience, medium, tone, style)
  • Basic business vocabulary: vocabulary list and modals
  • Meetings: Vocabulary and basics, fixed phrases in the meeting, memo and summary of meeting
  • Telephoning: getting through and leaving messages, dealing with problems on phone
  • Negotiations
  • Jobs: advertisements, applying for jobs, CV, resume and interview with roleplay
  • Email writing, letters and memos
  • Basics of presentation and giving the presentation (capturing attention, rhetoric and public speaking techniques, preparing for presentation)
  • Socialising ( welcoming visitors and making small talk)
  • Analysing case studies and strategies for critical reading
  • Report writing
  • Content writer and editor.
  • Social media manager
  • VA
  • Public relations specialist
  • Librarian/ Journalist
  • Soft skills trainer
  • HR Specialist
  • Interpreter and Translator
  • News Reporter

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Check out Few case studies Of Experts
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The course videos are pre-recorded and will be available to you. You can access them anytime for anywhere. There would be calls once a week where you can join and discuss any query. The links for the same would be available on our private Facebook group.

You can ask questions in the Facebook group anytime from your course start date. And every week, Priyasha will do a live group coaching call to answer any questions you have that needs detailed. Also, you can personally mail Priyasha at  or and she will get back to you asap.

If you cannot attend a coaching live, you can always submit your questions beforehand and catch the recording for the answers. Isn’t that awesome!!

Yes, you can absolutely take up this course if you want to study or work abroad or even start a side hustle with just the help of Business English.


One more advantage of Priyasha’s curriculum model is that you get to choose how many hours of the day you want to work and how much money you want to make. This type of business model is perfect for stay-at-home mothers and students since it gives them the freedom to not only earn well but also take care of the family/study for college.

No, we do not offer an EMI option currently.


The payment options available are the same as PayPal since we have integrated a PayPal payment option; debit cards, credit cards, Net Banking, & UPI payments. If you have any further questions about the payment method, do not hesitate to email us at

Yes, you have lifetime access. Also, all updates will be made available to you for free. One new module (for both basic English and business English) will be added every month.

We understand that asking questions and getting your doubts cleared are important while learning. Hence, we have a private Facebook group with only Priyasha and ArdourAcadame students inside it. Once you buy the course, you too will be a part of this group and you’ll be able to get all your doubts cleared from Priyasha herself and the entire community.

She also conducts live coaching calls inside the group every week to answer all questions.

You can get all the normal bonuses just by being a part of this community. Isn’t that just great!

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Email and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days. Or send us your queries on our Instagram page or our Facebook page.